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In Little Buno your goal is to restore the balance of nature that was disrupted by overhunting.. To do so, feed the animals! Another task is to reach your tribe that left its home area after getting attacked by gorillas. All your family and friends are waiting for you.

Little Buno is an adventure game of 60 levels from 3 original worlds. The game features a beautiful story, multiple environments, and animals like gorillas, lions, elephants.

The gameplay is simple and easy to understand, perfect for casual players of all ages! You need to feed the creatures while still avoiding their attacks. The game requires skill and is very thrilling but not violent. Above all, it's lots of fun for people from young to old.

As you advance through the 60 levels, the animals increase in size and danger. And you can customize Buno's appearance to improve his stats.

Get thrilled and challenged by a nonviolent game!
Experience 60 beautiful and exotic environments, like jungle, savanna, etc.
Discover fascinating creatures: gorillas, lions, elephants.
Join Buno on his quests to restore nature's balance and reach his tribe.
Enjoy a beautiful, original soundtrack as you play.
Play it for free!

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Looks like a really nice game with unique gameplay. Do you plan to make a Windows version?


Hey Stavros, thanks a lot for the nice comment!

As for now we release it on iOS and Android only, with updates planned depending on the success of the game.